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eBook Update – IAmLearning: Mobilizing and Supporting Educator Practice

by Rob Power

Posted on January 6, 2017

Attention IAmLearn Members! The IAmLearning eBook project is well underway!

IAmLearning: Mobilizing and Supporting Educator Practice

Teachers are more likely to experiment with and integrate mobile learning strategies if they feel confident in their ability to do so. Professional development resources and activities that focus on making instructional design decisions can help to increase teachers’ confidence with mobile learning. Teachers have indicated that a community of practice would also help them to increase their confidence with mLearning. To that end, we are inviting mobile learning experts and practitioners (members of IAmLearn), to help create such a community of practice by preparing chapters for the interactive e-book IAmLearning: Mobilizing and Supporting Educator Practice. Chapters should include a text component, as well as digital resources to help teachers adopt and adapt mobile learning strategies (examples could include, but are not limited to, interactive video presentations, adaptable mobile learning resource files, links to apps or other Open Educational Resources). The e-book will be published in an Open Access format by the International Association for Mobile Learning. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by 2-3 reviewers. Contributing authors will be asked to review two chapters and score the submissions using a provided set of criteria.

Current Project Status

We’re excited to announce that we have accepted eight chapter proposals, submitted by IAmLearn members! Authors are now working on the full drafts of their chapters, plus some exciting digital extras. The anticipated launch date for the IAmLearning: Mobilizing and Supporting Educator Practice eBook is at mLearn 2017!


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