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Early Career & Doctoral Researchers

Welcome to the Early Career & Doctoral Researchers SIG.

Objective: The key objective of this SIG is to bring together mobile learning early career researchers spread across different universities and institutions around the globe. We aim to build a strong community of practice for early career and doctoral researchers who want to support each other by presenting, discussing and evaluating their own work. Moreover, it is a platform for sharing best practices, empirical observations, theoretical perspectives as well as research techniques and to address questions pertaining to the unique ethos of mobile learning.

Activities: This SIG shares academic resources, best practices, case studies, and examples of mobile learning research studies. We encourage early career and doctoral researchers to present their research ideas and proposals for discussion and evaluation by other SIG particpants and experts. Contact Agnieszka Palalas to arrange your online presentation and group dicussion.

Who should join: This group invites researchers and doctoral students who seek support in the early stages of their m-learning research and those who wish to provide such support.

How to join: Please contact Agnes Kuklska-Hulme for more information or if you are interested in joining the IAmLearn Early Career and Doctoral Researchers SIG.


Join our Early Career & Doctoral Researchers SIG open group on LinkedIn to interact with mobile practitioners and researchers from around the world.

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To submit resources you would like to share with the community email Agnieszka (Aga) Palalas .