New Process for Forwarding Messages to IAmLearn Members

Why Are We Changing?

As of June 25, 2018, IAmLearn will be shutting down the Jiscmail distribution list that we’ve been using to reach all of our members, and to allow our members to share updates and resources with each other. The decision to shut down the old mailing list is part of IAmLearn’s ongoing efforts to streamline our resources and communications systems, and to remain complaint with privacy and information security regulations in various regions.

The Jiscmail system was manually maintained, so it was difficult to ensure that it accurately reflected and reached our current membership. IAmLearn has now shifted to an automated mailing list system utilizing Mailchimp. IAmLearn members are automatically subscribed (with due notification) when they first join the Association.

New Process for Sharing Messages and Resources with IAmLearn Members

A new email contact form has now been added to the IAmlearn website at You can also find the direct link under the Members Only Resources menu. (You must be logged in as an active IAmLearn member to post messages.)

Posting a Message to Members can be found under the Resources menu

Just complete the form, and a member of our Communications Team will review your message, and post it to our members using the Mailchimp mailing list if approved!