22nd World Conference on Mobile, Blended and Seamless Learning (mLearn2022)

All short papers are available below with all long papers being published in a Special Issue of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL). A link to the Special Issue will be provided soon.

 Long Papers

Learners’ agency and the promise of smart mobile and seamless learning

Author/s Title
Martine Baars and Olga Viberg Mobile learning to support self-regulated Learning
Qiwei Men, Belinda Gimbert and Dean Cristol The effect of self-regulated learning in online professional training
Ioana Andreea Stefan et al. Constructing seamless learning through game-based learning experiences
Daniel Biedermann et al. Effect of social support features via buddies in app-based habit building
David Parsons and Kathryn MacCallum Investigating the classroom environment and impacts on well-being with physical computing

Learning design for mobile, blended and seamless learning experiences

Author/s Title
Ellen Rusman and Rob Nadolski Underpinnings of an online formative assessment method for (inter)active and practice-based complex skills training in Higher education
Marguerite Koole, et al Nisotak: an example of flexible design for indigenous language learning apps and reconciliation
Almed Hamzah and Sergey Sosnovsky Providing students with mobile access to an assessment platform: lessons Learnt
Kadri Mettis and Terje Väljataga  Investigating students’ conceptual understanding of socioenvironmental problem and attitudes towards mobile outdoor learning
Mirjam Selhorst and Ellen Rusman  (live presenters) Multidisciplinary educational design framework: facilitating cross-boundary educational design to close gaps between disciplines?
Dimitris Markouzis, et al  A systematic review on augmented reality applications in informal learning environments
Ali Gohar Qazi and Fredrick Mtenzi A conceptual framework for designing a mobile-supported professional development programme for primary mathematics teachers

Perspectives on Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL)

Author/s Title
Olga Viberg, et al Affective support for self-regulation in mobile assisted language learning
Martina Manna Teacher perceptions on implementing mobile augmented reality for the teaching of italian as a foreign language. A pilot study
Cecilia Vallorani, et al  Levelling up language learning: A study on the impact of gamification Short papers, poster & panel mLearn2022

Short and Panel Papers

Learners’ agency and the promise of smart mobile and seamless learning

Author/s Title
Luis Henrique Lindner and Araci Hack Catapan (Short paper) Lifelong learning through self-directed mobile learning: a theoretical framework 
Nienke Reessink, Emmy Vrieling-Teunter, Rosanne Hebing and Bram Oonk (Roundtable/
Designing digital nudges for self-regulation in a blended curriculum
Eileen Scanlon (Short paper)

Has mobile learning fulfilled its promise during the pandemic move to remote learning? 

Perspectives on Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL)

Author/s Title
Yuzhi Lai (Poster) Factors Influencing University Learners’ Engagement in Self-Directed Language Learning Using Mobile Technology
Mar Gutiérrez-Colón (Short Paper) Impact of gamified application in reading comprehension and attitude of Swahili among young Kenyan learners